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I hold a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Chemistry, from the University of British Columbia, Canada. I also have a diploma to teach secondary science in the province of British Columbia. However, I work for a telecommunications company in IT, currently as the corporate data manager.

I have chosen to work on the Human Skeletal System. Since this is a subset of Human Anatomy, itself a branch of Anatomy in general, I had to seize the vacant Anatomy topic in order to create a path to my personal choice. I intend to sketch out a general hierarchy of Anatomy and Human Anatomy, which I hope others will take up while I devote myself to my chosen subtopic, the Human Skeletal System. Even this is a vast topic and I encourage any other interested parties to contact me in order to form a group, which may by consensus produce an enduring document.

I will limit myself to the human species as it now exists but there is also room for articles on the skeletal systems of mankind's recent ancestors, how they compare with modern man, and what implications may be made therefrom; not to mention the whole field of Comparative Anatomy.