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Yet again at the sewing machine.
My real job: The Personal Blimp


I am an experimental blimp designer and builder. The website for my work is

One of my favorite professional activities is hosting an annual gathering of experimental balloon and blimp builders. The website for the gathering is

Prior to airship research and development my field of work was computer and telecommunications research and development. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology and Computer Science, I started work at Bell Labs and Bell Communications Research. I later moved to Wall Street, then to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and then to a "dot com" that became a "dot bomb".


I live in Amherst, MA USA with my wife and two children. Our family's website is

Our neighborhood is a CoHousing community. See for details.

In addition to flying gliders, power planes, balloons, and blimps my hobbies include juggling, sailing, breadbaking, and cheesemaking.


I have no familial relation to the NBA basketball player with the same last name.