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I am a twenty one year old male undergraduate student at The Barrett's Honors College at Arizona State University. I am currently a junior and am in the process of completing a B.S. in Economics, a B.S. in Finance and a minor in philosophy. I am currently working as a research assistant at Arizona State University's School of Computing and Informatics where I am contributing to the management of a set of projects for an initiative called Motivational Environments(ME).

In a nutshell ME is a research module that advances Human-Computer Interaction methods, technologies, theories and environments that incorporate responsive spaces, robots and relational agents to promote teamwork, learning, creativity and motivation. The greater purpose is to incorporate S.T.E.M.( science, technology, engineering and mathematics) into schooling early on. Doing this will ensure that future generations of scientists, engineers, educators and business people are equipped with the necessary critical thinking and creative skills. Here is the link to the website: where you can find descriptions of the various projects that are being undertaken to achieve our goals.

In addition to this, I am in the beginning stages of my undergraduate thesis project. I want to present an independent study that blends behavioral economics and the philosophy of science, in efforts to study the weight of the roles that irrational decision making, uncertainty and unpredictable events had on the current financial crisis.

I believe that Citizendium will allow me to serve as a resource to other people that share my interests and that it will leverage me in achieving my future academic goals.