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Author Sign-Up

Everyone who has a working account on the Citizendium wiki may be designated an "author." To become an author, a person will (eventually) have to:

  1. Create a user account.
  2. Certify (by checking a box) either that the name in the user account is his or her own real name, or that he or she has received permission to use a pseudonym from the Constabulary.
  3. Certify (by checking a box) that he or she has read the Citizendium Statement of Fundamental Policies, and understands that as a member of the community he or she is bound by these policies.
  4. Identify an image to prove that the person isn't a "bot."
  5. Provide an e-mail address, which is then authenticated (i.e., the user receives an e-mail at the address provided, and follows the instructions to confirm that the e-mail was received).

While this system is being set up, we will use a manual application process. Potential authors will be directed to a call for applications for instructions, and the method of responding to applications can be found at Pilot Project Application Review Procedure.

Author User Pages

The purpose of user pages is to be helpful to the development of Citizendium. Therefore, authors' user pages will be regulated by the Citizendium's constabulary. While authors (other than editors and constables) are not required to provide personal information, a statement about your personal interests and studies would be very welcome. Rough clues as to age and location might be helpful to other users but are, again, quite optional. Minors are asked not to include any personal information about themselves, including information about where they live.

User pages must be limited to only the following sorts of information:

  • Biographical information (your education, interests, etc.).
  • Articles you have started or are watching.
  • "To do" lists.
  • Other helpful notes directly of personal use to you in your work on the Citizendium.
  • Editors and constables will require further information (see below).

Among items that will not be permitted on user pages (or subpages):

  • Collections of quotations from, or commentary upon, other users or their work.
  • Personal essays, even if they concern the Citizendium. (Such commentary will be possible on other forums--not the Citizendium user space.)
  • Wikipedia-style "user boxes," of any sort.
  • Wikipedia-style "barnstars." If the Citizendium chooses any methods of recognizing users, it will different from this one favored by Wikipedia.

Authors may not edit each others' user pages unless there is an explicit message to that effect on a person's page. Constables will have the authority to edit author user pages to make them in conformity with the above rules; they will, however, first make a request that the author him- or herself do it.