True Slovak National Party

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The True Slovak National Party, also translated as Real Slovak National Party (Pravá Slovenská národná strana), was a minor extreme[1] far-right political party in Slovakia. At the 20 and 21 September 2002 legislative elections, the party won 3.7% of the popular vote and no seats. Since that time, the party re-merged with the SNS, which elected Ján Slota chairman.


In 2001, internal conflicts within the Slovak National Party (SNS) finally led to a split, by shuting out Ján Slota and 7 other MPs of the SNS, whom founded the True Slovak National Party in late 2001. The founding congress elected unanimously Ján Slota chairman of the party. After the failrue to enter the Slovak parlament on the parlamientary elections of 2002, the party formed a coalition with SNS. After the 2004 European Parlamentary elections, where they nominated candidates together, and failed to send any candidates, since they reached only 2,01%[2] the two parties re-merged.


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