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The Burr in the Garden of Eden

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Picture of a book cover saying "The Burr in the Garden of Eden" by author Hayford Peirce.
The Burr in the Garden of Eden.

The Burr in the Garden of Eden is a science fiction book by author Hayford Peirce. Napoleon V, the "all-powerful Emperor of the United States of Europe," has to deal with four experimental time machines running amok in two different parallel universes and con-artist "MacNair of MacNair" (the debonair hero of Peirce's Napoleon Disentimed) gets involved.[1] Orgones are "going out all over Europe" and innocent subjects are "exploding at random" and Parisian party girls are demonstrating on the Champs-Elysee. The "Burr" refers to a fictionalized character based on the past American former vice president Aaron Burr who killed Alexander Hamilton in a real-life duel. The book is written in English has 252 pages and was released in 2001.[1] Since time travel is involved, it poses hypothetical historical reconstructions, like what would have happened to United States history if the Union had broken apart.

Nibiru controversy

Book cover in German; author name = Hayford Peirce.
The book cover of the German version of The Burr in the Garden of Eden.

Speculation about a possible end-of-the-world forecast known as 2012 is a pop culture hysteria phenomenon dismissed by scientists as "bunk." The hysteria was created by doomsayers that a possible planet named Nibiru would collide with Earth on December 21st or 23rd in 2012 causing the destruction of mankind. There was speculation about the possible source of the controversy. It was noticed that the cover of The Burr in the Garden of Eden featured an image of Earth being struck by another large object, possibly planet Nibiru. The book was released in 2003, nine years before 2012. When asked whether there was any truth to rumors that his book was responsible for launching the 2012 hysteria, Peirce replied:

It was probably the group sex scenes in which they are channeling Reichian orgones that caused all the problems. -- author Hayford Peirce, March 2010.



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