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Larry Sanger Status    last updated January 22    [edit plan here] Get your own infobox!Group Status
~ Plans ~
Short term plans
1. Finish drafting dispute resolution plan.
2. Start auto-newsletter.
3. Plan for a late January/February open house.
4. Consider hiring a part-time coder to take care of a long laundry list of small technical improvements.
Longer-term plans
1. Draft the Citizendium Charter and get it accepted.
2. Spearhead workgroup list revision effort.
3. Find a replacement Editor-in-Chief.
4. Find a suitable academic home for CZ?
~ Roles and notes ~
Roles in the system
1. Editor-in-Chief
2. Editorial Personnel Administrator
3. Editorial Council, nonvoting member
4. Whipping Boy  ;-)
Notes to self
The problem isn't knowing what the meaning, or purpose, of life is. The problem is knowing which of the many attractive purposes are most important.
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Philosophy Workgroup    Status    last updated Jan. 21    [edit plan here]
~ Plans ~
My short-term plans
1. Monitor recent changes in philosophy.
My longer-term plans
1. Get philosophy editors started (finally!).
2. Review philosophy core articles.
3. Finish philosophy! (And other articles.)
~ Roles and Notes ~
My roles
1. author (for now)
2. unofficial workgroup organizer
My notes
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Public notes: I hope to get the Philosophy Workgroup moving forward in an interesting new way, along with many other workgroups, in the coming months.

Do less yet achieve more.