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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Speedydelete/doc (edit | history)

This template is for requesting that a constable speedily remove stuff that has no business on CZ. For instance, obvious vandalism pages and articles that were created accidentally or as tests. The circumstances under which pages may be speedily deleted are described in the Article Deletion Policy.

The template is used by placing the code {{speedydelete|REASON|~~~~}} at the top of the page to be deleted.
The use of the ~~~~ puts your name on the template, so that the constable can see who is making the request.
Do NOT blank the page that you are requesting to be deleted. The constable must evaluate your request and this causes him/her to take extra steps. Just put the template at the top of the page.</br> When using speedydelete on a template page, you should use the code <noinclude>{{speedydelete|REASON|~~~~}}</noinclude>, so that it is not also shown on any pages which use that template.

Check on speedy deletion requests at Category:Speedy Deletion Requests, or pages which have recently been deleted at Special:Log/delete. Speedy delete requests are also listed in Category:Call for Constables, along with other requests for constabulary attention.