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This template can be used on workgroup pages or user pages as a tool to track the status of any article. It displays a pictorial representation of the article's status, the article's title (in blue if existent, otherwise in red).

The possible depictions are Level3.jpg, Level2.jpg, Level1.jpg and Level0.jpg, with the status of the article increasing from stubby (left) to approved (right). An external article that has been imported into citizendium with no changes is indicated by an empty status image (Level4.jpg).

Example of use

{{pl|Biology}} produces: Approved Article Biology

The name does not have to be identical to the article's name. This might be useful when the context of the word is not in doubt.

{{pl|Cell (biology)}} is seen as: Developing Article Cell (biology)

{{pl|Cell (biology)|Cell}} is seen as: Developing Article Cell

Up for approval

If an article has been nominated for approval or reapproval the approval icon will appear at the end of the articles name. It will appear as below:

Approved Article Biology Approval button.png

Developing Article Cell Approval button.png

No article

If used on an entry that does not exist (e.g. Foobar),

{{pl|Foobar}} produces: Foobar


If used on an entry that is a redirect, or an article without a metadata template, the link will appear as a purple color.

{{pl|Supernova}} produces: Developing Article Supernova