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  • Name - This parameter defaults to the pagename, and can be left blank. However, if the name of the article is not the name that should be displayed on the infobox, write it in.
  • Image - This is the image to be displayed in the infobox
  • Size - This is the adult size of the fish.
  • Level - This is the level of the tank the fish likes to inhabit.
  • Temperament - This is the fish's natural temperament. Values include; peaceful, shy, aggressive, single species, territorial, and schooling. Other values will display, but will not show an appropriate icon.
  • Tail - This should be the fishes tail type, i.e., single-tailed or twin-tailed.
  • Origin - This is the fishes country of origin.


{{Infobox Goldfish
|Name = Fake Goldfish
|Image = cichliddiagram.jpg
|Size = {{convert|20|ft|m}}
|Level = Middle and lower
|Temperament = Schooling
|Temperament2 = Aggressive
|Tail = Twin-tailed
|Origin = Antarctica
Fake Goldfish
Carassius auratus
Family Cyprinidae
Size 20 ft (6.1 m)
Tank Level Middle and lower
Temperament Schooling, Aggressive
Tail Type Twin-tailed
Country of Origin Antarctica