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A Citizendium constable believes that this article is one of the three narrow article types that they may delete on their own recognizance.
No reason was given

Please familiarize yourself with What Citizendium articles are not and clear up the concern(s) to avoid this page's deletion, which will otherwise occur 10 days from the above date.

This template is for constables to use to request an uploader to clear up any problems with media that appear to exist.

The template is used thusly: {{cmediaflag|GIVE REASON HERE. <BR> ~~~~}}. The use of the ~~~~ puts your signature and date on the template. The use of the <BR> tag preceding it places your signature and the date on a new line.

Placement should accompany a brief note on the uploader's talk page or (especially if they are not a very frequent contributor) in an email asking them to visit the image page to please address the concern and offering to help.

Review flagged media at Category:Flagged media-constables.

Example of usage:


A Citizendium constable is concerned that this media may not meet
Citizendium media policies
No source for this image is given. Also, there is no licensing data.
Stephen Ewen 02:00, 4 May 2007 (CDT)

To the uploader:
Please familiarize yourself with Citizendium media policies and clear up the concern(s) to avoid this image's deletion. If you need additional help, just ask the constable who placed this tag, from whom you should have already received a separate communication.