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TRANSFER ANY EDITS YOU MAKE TO THIS PAGE to {{Community without category}}. Yes, it's a kludge...

If variable "title" is not equal to the "PAGENAME" this template adds the page to "Category:title" while Template:Community without category does not.


title                   of a page in CZ name space
link1 ... link12        up to 12 optional links
seealso1 ... seealso3   up to  3 optional links
hide                    if set to "collapsed": box is shown hidden as default   
CatNo                   if not empty: suppresses adding category 

usage: see Template:Editor Policy for an example.

   | title = Some Page
   | link1 = [[some link]]
   | seealso = [[also a link]]
   | hide = collapsed                 % if this is desired
   | CatNo = yes                      % if page should not be added to category