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{{cite court
  • optional: litigants is the list of litigants, such as Miranda v. Arizona. If a Wikipedia article by that name exists a link to it will be made.
 ^-- this also should probably not be optional
  • optional: vol is the volume of the reporter.
  • optional: reporter is U.S. for U.S. Supreme Court's United States Reports.
  • optional: opinion is the opinion number, often the page number for the case.
  • optional: pinpoint is a specific holding. A page or paragraph number.
  • optional: court is the court (such as "3d Cir." or "M.D. Ala."). Date is required in order to use court.
 ^-- this probably should NOT be optional
  • optional: date is the date in which the court rendered its decision.
  • optional: url is a URL with information on the case.
    • For a U.S. Supreme Court case, the URL to a Findlaw page is http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?navby=CASE&court=US&vol={{{vol}}}&page={{{page}}}

This template is based on information in the article Case citation '