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Talk:Unconventional warfare (United States doctrine)

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 Definition The United States' doctrinal term for the way the Department of Defense sees its forces operating in the more global context of insurgency. [d] [e]

Context for this article

While I am very new at Citizendium, some comments I just received at Wikipedia may have made the difference between the two very sharp, and, if I understand the Citizendium model, I find it one much closer to what I'd like to accomplish.

This article needs to be read as a complement to insurgency. The latter is intended to elicit the global definitions and structural models of any insurgency, while this article is intended to discuss how the U.S. intends to participate in specific insurgencies. In like manner, there are global principles of counterinsurgency, and U.S., U.K., French, Russian and other national doctrines of how its forces implement those concepts.

In both the general/global and specific, a certain amount of interpretive writing, I believe, is necessary to establish concepts and definitions that have been polluted by being forced into political and electronic media sound bites. I find it striking, for example, how many people, especially outside the U.S., believe "insurgency" is the Bush Administration term for the opposition in Iraq, when it is properly a centuries-old social phenomenon that happens in many cultures.

So, at this point, I'm porting and doing a minimal edit on the Wikipedia version of U.S. doctrine. I would very much appreciate advice on how to "de-Wikify" so the article conveys more information, rather than more compliance with a Manual of Style, or a need to have exhaustive secondary citations for things I know at a professional level.

Howard C. Berkowitz 02:47, 4 May 2008 (CDT)