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 Definition Means of communication and social interaction using web-based technology. [d] [e]

Other media

But isn't the log on which the student and teacher sit, in the Platonic model, a social medium?

I highly recommend the book The Victorian Internet (from memory, Tom Standage), which describes how many of the behaviors that we call associated with Internet-enabled communication were present among Morse code telegraphers in the Victorian era. A major difference was that it is much harder to get to a reasonable level of proficiency in telegraphy than it is to get CZ metadata to be correct.

For the record, I had to struggle to send and receive Morse at 5 words per minute, about the lowest useful speed. I will say, though, that I made extensive use of electronic media before the Web existed -- I probably had my first email arguments around 1970. Howard C. Berkowitz 01:08, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

I can attest to the friendships made over the Morse landlines, though it was a bit later than Victoria's time. My grandfather, a George-the-Fifth-era Western Union telegrapher, became friends with three young women telegraphers who, by the time they were old women, had become good friends of his descendants to the third generation. The three of them lived together for the rest of their lives. The sense of community among these operators as operators lasted at least into the 1930s, and of course the friendships lasted much longer. 73 de N4JIU. Bruce M. Tindall 01:34, 21 September 2010 (UTC)
.... .., HI -- or do I mean LOL? Howard C. Berkowitz 02:01, 21 September 2010 (UTC)