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 Definition The next-generation Internet Protocol, providing (among other benefits) a vastly increased address space (128bits), which should in turn provide the ability for an end-to-end Internet and allowing new models of communication to be developed. [d] [e]


Too much detail in SHIM6 here? Should there be some back-referencing to the general multihoming article, a little less detail here, and an Internet Protocol version 6 multihoming article? After all, shim6 deals with a subset of multihoming when multiple PA spaces are involved. PI space for the enterprise has an entirely different set of issues.

Security at least brushes against multihoming, in the possible use of checking AH/ESP to block denial of service at the packet level. For example, signed prefixes are far more trustworthy as part of unicast reverse path forwarding tests. Howard C. Berkowitz 10:09, 3 September 2008 (CDT)