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Since our Policy on Topic Informants formally forbids those among us who are most knowledgeable about CZ from writing an article about our project, our Citizendium article lacks a lot of essential detail. We ought to have the best possible article about CZ. To this end, the most active Citizens, and those who have been involved since the beginning, are encouraged to work together as much as possible on an article that others. This article can be more informal, and contain all sorts of less-relevant material. Useful anecdotes, reminiscences, impressions, and so forth, are welcome. Also, you may sign particular remarks on this page (maybe, intended remarks), although the main text of it should be a single unsigned narrative. Those who are not so close to the events reported here should feel free to update Citizendium (the article, not this TI: namespace page) as appropriate.

I'll be adding a good many reminiscences myself. Feel free to jump in, though. --Larry Sanger 22:27, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

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