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  • ...ional needs of the Camp Lejeune community, as well for the surrounding community to the extent possible. It is also home to two [[endangered species]], eac ...abroad during [[World War II]], the Corp projected that a "new species" of units and defense battalions would be needed to garrison forward bases. The incr
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  • ...s. During World War II, those methods employed earlier in the academic community in this field of research were brought to bear upon a variety of problems | publisher = Mariner Books
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  • ...o the aid of [[Cornwallis]] and the army trapped at Yorktown. The American state and private naval forces were primarily privateers. The small U.S. navy was ..., each effective out to 300 yards. Battles had to be fought close in, with marines essential as sharpshooters and boarding parties. Frigates were smaller sh
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  • ...h Arab countries, and wanted to continue those both for general reasons of state, as well as ensuring petroleum supply. <ref name=Metz1988 /> ...enly traded with Iraq even when Iranian-inspired terrorists took French hostages in Lebanon. <ref name=Metz1988 />
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