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  • ...mber who supposedly said this -- I vaguely recall Thomas Hart Benton? (the politician, not the painter) -- when another senator asked if he was trying to st :::::Aussie politicians are so much more eloquent than ours, though. In a debate in the North
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  • ...''']] of political events and the philosophers that influenced them - with links to online sources. ...ey are conventionally omitted from courses and treatises on the history of political thought, and are usually given separate treatment elsewhere.
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  • ...hile reading the first part of [[orchid]] in the hope of nominating it for approval soon, and then he started the related articles for [[square circle]]. [[U ...worldy/thematic things: Created a new entry on [[political system]]s (a [[politics]] core article, no less! Then, I added a fair bit of additional material
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  • ...trolled 11 million people (most but not all speaking Polish). By 1773 the political realm was down to only 84,000 square miles, and Poland was too weak and ...access to superior military technology and links to the royal families and political and religious structures of the new Holy Roman Empire. By contrast the
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  • ...of the '''[[CZ:Politics Workgroup|politics workgroup]]''', using in-text links (blue font).<br> ...s articles are invited to start by visiting the '''[[CZ:Politics Workgroup|politics workgroup page]]''' </font>
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  • ...main cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee–Racine-Waukesha metropolitan area with a population of 1,753,355. cultural events. It is largely independent of the huge [[Chicago]] metropolitan area 75 miles to the south, which induces "if not an inferiority complex,
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  • ...interned him in Dhanbad for two years (1942-1944). After his release, the political situation in India was taking shape for liberation. In the midst of thi Politics was his inborn quality. He used to say, "There was politics in the blood of my family. My father had to leave Nepal when I was three
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  • ==Political career== Polk became a supporter of [[Andrew Jackson]], then the leading politician of Tennessee. In 1824, Jackson ran for President, while Polk campaigne
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  • a top secret document prepared by the [[National Security Council]] and approved by President [[Harry S. Truman]] in 1950 that laid out the basic strategy ...[[Paul Nitze]], who consulted State and Defense officials; it was formally approved by President Truman as official national strategy. It called for partial
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  • ...stimulated the economy. The board also seemed to be rather biased in its approval of loans; favoritism was a particular charge against the RFC. By June of ...y reduced the effectiveness of its loans to banks because it appeared that political considerations had motivated certain loans. In the publication of the
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  •|Ireland]]) should remain a part of [[United Kingdom]]. Its roots as a political ideology go as far back as the [[Glorious Revolution]] in the late seve Ulster Unionism as a political force has its origins rooted in opposition to the [[Home Rule|Home Rule
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  • ...dulged in a long harangue in protest against some measure which he did not approve. ...ul terrorist movement in the Balkans, and proved to be a highly disruptive political force. Assisted and funded by backer is Sofia, IMRO was divided between
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  • ===Changing political and healthcare environment=== almost every state, requiring licentiates to have a diploma from an AMA-approved college. By 1906, the AMA’s Council on Medical Education had drawn up a
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  • ...e industrial interests of New England. During his forty years in national politics Webster served in the House of Representatives for ten years (representi ...r teaching school in Maine for a short time, he studied law with the noted politician [[Christopher Gore]] in Boston, where he was admitted to the bar in 18
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  • ...rdia''' (1882-1947) (also spelled Laguardia and LaGuardia) was an American politician who served as Mayor of [[New York City]] for three terms from 1934 to ...cted airports; reorganized the police force; defeated the powerful Tammany political machine; and reestablished merit employment in place of patronage jobs.
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  • and anachronistic; it does not imply that the movement's adherents are politically conservative. Accordingly, some Conservative Jews seek to rename the ...Judaism]]. In December 2006, the [[Committee on Jewish Law and Standards]] approved responsa that shifted to greater halakhic support for gays and lesbians.
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  • ...gainst censorship and cuts in funds for four years before it was ended for political reasons. The ''Federal Writers' Project'' directed by Henry G. Alsber ...tical machine with millions of workers. The [[Hatch Act]] of 1939 outlawed political activities on government time.
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  • ...will include a news section where scientific developments (often involving political issues) are described. These articles are often written by science jou .../eutils/elink.fcgi?dbfrom=pubmed& }} </ref>
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  • ...heologians. The Latin document had 95 theses. Luther sharply attacked any linkage between the raising of money and the remission either of sins or penalti ...e pope wanted to seize Friar Martin and send him to Rome; but that was now politically impossible and did not happen.<ref>Mullett, (2004) p. 82-3; Smith, '
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  • in the interests of the African population and moved to increase their political power. The geographical, as opposed to political, term "[[Rhodesia]]" refers to a region generally comprising the areas
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