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  •, sociologists, economists, political scientists, [[economic development|economic]] and [[community development|community developers]] and assorted other [ ...nity achievements, but there is no agreement concerning how to measure the economic contributions of dimensions like trust or the strength of social ties, or
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  • ...w specifically covers the establishment of a common European market and an economic and monetary union. ...ropean Community, which are: to creat and maintain the internal market, an economic and monetary union, and a common European commercial policy regarding non
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  • a top secret document prepared by the [[National Security Council]] and approved by President [[Harry S. Truman]] in 1950 that laid out the basic strategy ...strengthen the United States both militarily and economically. The NSC-68 economic strategy was a tripling in U.S. military spending to be maintained as lon
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  • ...stimulated the economy. The board also seemed to be rather biased in its approval of loans; favoritism was a particular charge against the RFC. By June of ...ic approach, Hoover hoped that the RFC would demonstrate confidence in the economy leading bankers to begin lending again and stimulate its own recovery. Th
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  • ...left|Leading Unionists, circa 1912]] church. Another fear was of potential economic drag that would have hindered the industrialisation of Ulster. ...d War I]] broke out, and it was agreed that Home Rule legislation would be approved but put in suspension until the war ended (people thought the war would b
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  • ...ical Industries (ICI). ICI was renamed Zeneca in 1992. Atenolol received approval in the [[United States]] August 19, 1981.<ref>[http://www.accessdata.fda. ...83-04544-X">{{cite book |author=Kaplan, Norman M.; Lieberman, Ellin |authorlink= |editor= |others= |title=Clinical Hypertension |edition=6th|chapter=Treatm
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  • ...the words: "Liberty and Union, now and for ever, one and inseparable!" He approved the use of the national army when (1832-1833) South Carolina attempted to ...States]]. Webster wanted to prolong national authority over the monetary economy but failed to prolong the federal charter for the bank, which expired in 1
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  • ...nomy between the Whigs and the Democrats. He attacked the Whig platform on economic policies during these campaigns. These three campaigns of attacking the W ...Britain]]. The Democrats had championed the cause of expansion, informally linking the controversial Texas annexation issue with a claim to the entire Oreg
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  • ...tation)|mines]] were set up. However, the Company considered the principal economic benefit of Northern Rhodesia to be as a reservoir for migrant labour whic ...[[Anglo American (mining)|Rhodesian Anglo American Corporation]], closely linked to the [[Witwatersrand]] gold industry and financed from Britain and [[So
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  • Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) describes the huge economic loss. ...96, Vol. 27, Pages 83-109 (doi: 10.1146/annurev.ecolsys.27.1.83)], [;2-A#abstract]</r
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  • ...nfiltrate the military<ref name=Heehs1989 />. He also "gave at least tacit approval" to the revolutionary plots of another group led by his younger brother B ...ditions of the East, and the practicality represented by the political and economic systems of the West"<ref name=Heehs1989 />.
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  • <center><span class="plainlinks">[ The Project Gutenberg Etext of Prota <center><span class="plainlinks">[ The Project Gutenberg Etext of Phaed
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  • ...asized "not only did we fight in the military field, but in the political, economic, and cultural fields." <ref name=PWPA>{{citation ...France would continue to control external relations and to protect French economic interests. As the Consul put it, "All this far less than Vietnam has clai
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  • ...It was believed that the oil sector would be the the driving force behind economic growth, but at the time, oil production was being hampered by old technol === The external approach===
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  • ...jump. This accident would have certainly knocked out the Zeppelin project economically had not one of the spectators in the crowd spontaneously initiated a ...tish to bolster their anti-aircraft defences. The first airship raids were approved by the [[Kaiser]] in January 1915. The nighttime raids were intended to t
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  • struggle, religion and ethnicity are surrogates for political and economic power. It is no accident that the peace treaty is called the [[Power-Shar ==Economy==
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  • ...nce or investment on anything approaching the scale required for sustained economic development. ...olonialist. He generally took a [[non-aligned]] [[Marxist]] perspective on economics, and believed [[capitalism]]'s effects were going to stay with Africa fo
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  • ...ory in [[peace operations]], for complex reasons that involve ideology and economics. Peacekeeping troops are highly compensated by African standards. <ref> ==Economy==
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  • the summary below;<br> a chronology of [[/Timelines|'''links to current reports''']];<br> ''The Democracy Index 2010'', Economist Intelligence Unit]</ref>), and the governments of five of them have been
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  • ...on with the [[NATO]] [[International Security Assistance Force]], with the approval of the [[United Nations]]. Nevertheless, Afghanistan remains a [[failed ...a terrorist base and also ensuring human rights and economic development. Economic development would also give an alternative to the [[drug trade]].
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