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  • ...derstood by the field team, can be informative. If, for example, an Arabic-language manual is found in a Spanish-speaking country, even without knowing the fu ...rked with North Korean insignia, some of the combat units were homogeneous Chinese and Soviet Air Force organizations. <ref name=Friedman>{{citation
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  • ...ft voor Parapsychologie 368, vol. 72 nr 4, December 2005, pp. 14-17 (Dutch language)</ref> Many followers of him have [[faith]] in his claim to be a ''purna [ He is a prolific [[orator]] in his native language of [[Telugu language|Telugu]].<ref>Babb, 1986 pages 171<br>"Sathya Sai Baba is, among other thi
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  • ...need careful planning, especially when the interrogator does not speak the language of the person being interviewed. ...egory, the comparative study, included Francis L. K. Hsu's ''Americans and Chinese''. <ref name=Hsu>{{cite book
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