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Shadi Adalla

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Shadi Adalla was a bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, like Abu Jandal.

He moved to Germany in July 1999, and traveled with a group of five persons from the Krefeld, Germany mosque, to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Mecca, Abdallah al Maki, also known as Abdallah al Halabi, suggested to him that he travel to Afghanistan to learn "true Islam". Al Maki was a son-in-law of Bin Laden.

He journeyed to a "Taliban center" in Quetta, where he was interviewed by Mohammed Atef as well as Al-Adel Makkawi. Atef, then the al-Qaeda military commander, recommended Abu Jandal learn "fighting" before delving more deeply into religion. For that traininh, he went to the al Farouk "airport camp" near Kandahar.

While at the camp, he suffered an accidental training accident and his training was cut short. Afterwards, he spoke extensively with Ramzi Binalshibh, who sponsored him into the leadership circle. [1]


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