Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss (1943-) is a Republican U.S. Senator and former U.S. Representative from Georgia, first elected to Congress in 1994. He is a cosponsor of the FairTax legislation.


He chaired the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security, which investigated intelligence lapses prior to 9-11 Attacks and, in May of 2006, Chambliss was honored with the CIA Director's Award by the Director of Central Intelligence.

Caucuses and groups

  • Senate Caucus on Military Depots, Arsenals and Ammunition Plants
  • Congressional Sportsmen Foundation
  • Congressional Fire Services Caucus
  • Congressional Rural Healthcare Coalition
  • Juvenile Diabetes Caucus
  • co-chair of the Senate Reserve Caucus


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia (1966
  • Juris Doctor degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law (1968)