Pope Paul II

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The coat of arms of Paul are, D’azzurro al leone d’argento alla cotissa d’oro attraversante. The swords symbolize the role of the Supreme Pontiff as Law-Giver and Potestate, points that Paul wished to emphasize considering his conflicts with the College of Cardinals.

Pope Paul II, Latin Papa Paulus II, original name Pietro Barbo (born 23 February 1417, Venice–died 26 July 1471, Rome), the son of Niccolo Barbo and Polixena Condulmer, sister of Pope Eugene IV, was the 211th man elected to the papacy on 30 August 1464. Barbo was noted for his generosity and imposing appearance; the Cardinal of Venice, as he became known, was quite influential under the papacies of Eugene IV, Nicholas V, and Calixtus III, though his dominance waned somewhat under Pius II. Barbo ascended to the papacy after the latter's death, partially owing his election to the dissatisfaction that some in the College of Cardinals had with the policies of his predecessor.