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AN/PRC-117 are a recent series of U.S. military software-defined radios, not part of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) but certainly anticipating it. It is a single radio system that replaces three other systems: AN/PRC-113, AN/PSC-5, and AN/PRC-119. Typically, they are assigned at the infantry battalion, special operations unit, or signal company levels.


Electronically, it covers the entire military VHF/UHF frequency range, from 30 to 512 MHz, in line-of-sight (LOS), beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS), and satellite (SATCOM) ranges. It is jam-resistant and has integral NSA-approved encryption.

The basic unit weighs 13.8 pounds without battery and 16.7 with batteries, transmitting at up to 10 watts on VHF and 20 watts on UHF. It comes in four basic mechanical configurations, mostly differing by antenna: UHF Vehicle, VHF Vehicle, UHF Manpack, and VHF Manpack.

With the AN/VRC-103 vehicular adapter, its power output goes up to 50 watts.

While it is not a full JTRS system, its programming still emulates JTRS waveforms, including SINCGARS, HAVE QUICK II, and UHF SATCOM.