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Operation GALVANIC

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Operation GALVANIC was the Allied answer to the question, During World War Two in the Pacific, as the Guadalcanal Campaign became more of a clear victory, both sides had to ask themselves, "what next?" One American objective was to create, in the Gilbert Islands, to support the upcoming Operation FLINTLOCK in the Marshall Islands. While the Japanese did not know the specific American plan, they had enough intelligence indications to begin to prepare for operations in the Gilberts.

Such a campaign would need both combat and logistical elements. The logistical plan began with the mission statement for the overall Central Pacific Force, under Vice Admiral Raymond Spruance:
This force will seize, occupy, and develop Makin, Tarawa, and Abemama, and will vigorously deny Nauru to the enemy, in order to gain control of the Gilbert Islands and to prepare for operations against the Marshalls. [1]


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