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The West refers to several different Russian Moskit anti-shipping missiles, by the NATO designation SS-N-22 SUNBURN. They have been informally called the "Harpoonski," but have superior performance to the U.S. Harpoon.

Russian Sovremenny class destroyers, which have been exported to China use these missiles as their main anti-surface warfare weapon.

Missile Launcher Performance
Moskit P270, 3M80 Ship-launched Mach 2+
Moskit 9M80E Ship-launched, Mach 2+ extended range
Moskit 3M82 Ship-launched Mach 2+ to 3
Moskit ASM-MMS, Kh-4 Air-launched Mach 2+

The RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile was introduced to deal with threats such as this, which are too fast for effective engagement with the Phalanx close-in weapons system.