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A list of key readings about Michael O'Hanlon.
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  • coauthor with Richard Bush: A War Like No Other: The Truth about China's Challenge to America (Wiley, 2007)
  • editor, Opportunity 08 (Brookings, 2007).
  • coauthor with Kurt Campbell: Hard Power (Basic Books, 2006),
  • coauthor with Michael Levi: Defense Strategy for the Post-Saddam Era (Brookings, 2005)
  • coauthor with Michael Levi: The Future of Arms Control (Brookings, 2005),
  • coauthor with Michael Levi: Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary: Constraining the Military Uses of Space (Brookings, 2004)
  • coauthor with Mike Mochizuki: Crisis on the Korean Peninsula (McGraw-Hill) in 2003,
  • Expanding Global Military Capacity for Humanitarian Intervention (Brookings) that same year.
  • coauthor, Protecting the American Homeland, 2003 and 2006/7 editions
  • with Nina Kemp, Brookings’ Iraq Index