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A list of key readings about Medb.
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  • P. L. Henry, "Conailla Medb Míchuru and the Tradition of Fiacc Son of Fergus" in Séamus Mac Mathúna and Ailbhe Ó Corráin (eds.), Miscellanea Celtica in memoriam Heinrich Wagner, Uppsala, 1997, pp. 53-70
  • Vernam Hull, "Aided Meidbe: The Violent Death of Medb", Speculum vol. 13 issue 1, Jan 1938, pp. 52-61
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  • Kuno Meyer, "The Death of Fergus mac Róich", The Death-Tales of the Ulster Heroes
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  • Joseph O'Neill, "Cath Bóinde", Ériu 2 (1905) 173–185
  • Cecile O'Rahilly, Táin Bó Cúailnge Recension I, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1976
  • Cecile O'Rahilly, Táin Bó Cualnge from the Book of Leinster, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1970