Mark R. Warner

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Mark R. Warner (1954-) is a Democratic U.S. Senator from Virginia, of which he was previously Governor. He is a Director of the Atlantic Council.



Caucuses and groups

Governor of Virginia

He served as Governor from 2002 to 2006. In Virginia, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately, may not even be of the same party, and may not be cooperative. Warner had an unusually close working relationship with his Lieutenant Governor, Tim Kaine, who succeeded him.

He chaired the National Governors Association, chaired the Southern Governors' Association and was a member of the Democratic Governors Association.

Business career

Between 1993 and 1994, he chaired the Democratic Party of Virginia, and was on the Commonwealth Transportation Board, Commonwealth of Virginia (1990-1994). He became independently wealthy as a technology executive and investor in technology firms, especially cellular telephony, co-founding Nextel.

Education and early career

In the early 1980s, Warner served as a Senate staff member to Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut)