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General James F. Amos has been selected to succeed Gen. James Conway as Commandant of the Marine Corps. Previously, he was the 31st Assistant Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. He was a key contributor, along with GEN David Petraeus, in the major rewrite of U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine, Field Manual 3-24 (FM3-24), Counterinsurgency, [1] He replaced LTG James Mattis as the Marine senior author when Mattis was assigned to command I Marine Expeditionary Force in the Iraq War;[2] he participated as the Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command and as the Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration from 2006 to July 2008. General Amos was promoted to his present rank and assumed the duties of Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps on 2 July 2008.

He commanded the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in combat during the Iraq War, followed by command of the II Marine Expeditionary Force from 2004-2006. Operational assignments include tours with Marine Fighter Attack Squadrons 212, 235, 232 and 122 where he flew the F-4 Phantom II. In 1985 General Amos assumed command of Marine Wing Support Squadron 173. Later, transitioning to the F-18 Hornet, he assumed command of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 and subsequently joined Carrier Air Wing Eight onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). General Amos took command of Marine Aircraft Group 31 Beaufort, SC in May 1996.

General Amos' staff assignments include tours with Marine Aircraft Groups 15 and 31, the III Marine Amphibious Force, Training Squadron Seven, The Basic School, and with the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF)Staff Training Program. Promoted to Brigadier General in 1998 he was assigned to NATO as Deputy Commander, Naval Striking Forces, Southern Europe, Naples Italy. During this tour he commanded NATO's Kosovo Verification Center, and later served as Chief of Staff, U.S. Joint Task Force Noble Anvil during the air campaign over Serbia. Transferred in 2000 to the Pentagon, he was assigned as Assistant Deputy Commandant for Aviation. Reassigned in December 2001, General Amos served as the Assistant Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations Department, Headquarters, Marine Corps.