III Marine Expeditionary Force

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III Marine Expeditionary Force is a Marine Expeditionary Force, currently assigned to United States Pacific Command and based on Okinawa.

During the Vietnam War, it was the senior U.S. Marine Corps headquarters in Vietnam, but was called III Marine Amphibious Force at the time. The colonial French military organization was called the "Expeditionary Force" and had unpleasant connotations to the Vietnamese.

Its wartime commanders included lieutenant generals Lew Walt and Leonard Cushman. In 1975, its 31st Marine Amphibious Unit conducted Operation EAGLE PULL, the evacuation of Americans from Cambodia. Two weeks later, its 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade provided the security for Operation FREQUENT WIND, the final evacuation of U.S. personnel at the fall of South Vietnam.

It is now headed by LTG Richard C. Zilmer.

III MEF was created, in 1942, from I and III Marine Amphibious Corps.