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// ExampleEquationLog01.png

// C++ code that generates figure Image:ExampleEquationLog01.png above
// that is used in articlex
//  Equation  and User:Dmitrii Kouznetsov/Analytic Tetration
#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define DB double
void ado(FILE *O, int X, int Y)
{       fprintf(O,"%c!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0\n",'%');
       fprintf(O,"%c%cBoundingBox: 0 0 %d %d\n",'%','%',X,Y);
       fprintf(O,"/M {moveto} bind def\n");
       fprintf(O,"/L {lineto} bind def\n");
       fprintf(O,"/S {stroke} bind def\n");
       fprintf(O,"/s {show newpath} bind def\n");
       fprintf(O,"/times-Roman findfont 6 scalefont setfont\n");
       fprintf(O,"/W {setlinewidth} bind def\n");
       fprintf(O,"/RGB {setrgbcolor} bind def\n");}
#define DO(x,y) for(x=0;x<y;x++) 
main(){ FILE *o; o=fopen("log.eps","w"); ado(o,800,800);
fprintf(o,"10 10 scale\n");
fprintf(o,"10 10 translate\n");
#define M(x,y) fprintf(o,"%5.2f %5.2f M\n",10.*(x),10.*(y));
#define L(x,y) fprintf(o,"%5.2f %5.2f L\n",10.*(x),10.*(y));
M(0,6.3)L(0,0) L(6.3,0) 
fprintf(o,".3 W S\n"); 
int n; DB x,y,t;
for(n=1;n<7;n++){M(0,n)L(6,n)}  fprintf(o,".06 W S\n");
for(n=0;n<6;n++){M(-.4,n-.18) fprintf(o,"(%1d)s\n",n);}
fprintf(o,".06 W S\n"); 
for(n=1;n<6;n+=1){x=1*n;M(x-.16,-.5) fprintf(o,"(%1.0f)s\n",x);}
fprintf(o,".4 W S\n");
M(-.8,M_E-.16) fprintf(o,"(e)s\n");
M(M_E-.14,-.8) fprintf(o,"(e)s\n");
fprintf(o,"/Times-Italic findfont 6 scalefont setfont\n");
M(-0.5,6) fprintf(o,"(y)s\n");
M(6,-0.5) fprintf(o,"(x)s\n");
if(n==0)M(x,y)else L(x,y)}
fprintf(o,"1 0 0 RGB 0.3 W S\n");
for(n=0;n<70;n+=2){x=.7+.02*n+.001*n*n;y=log(x)/log(exp(1/M_E));  if(n==0)M(x,y)else L(x,y)}
fprintf(o,"0 .8 0 RGB 0.3 W S\n");
for(n=0;n<70;n+=2){x=.6+.02*n+.001*n*n;y=log(x)/log (2.);  if(n==0)M(x,y)else L(x,y)}
fprintf(o,"0 0 1 RGB 0.3 W S\n");
// Conditions of use:
// Feel free to download it, compile it, run it, distribute it, modify it. Please indicate modification(s), if any, and keep this line. Copyleft 2008 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov.