Emil Sembach

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Emil Sembach (1891-1934), at the time of hs death, was an SS Oberfuehrer, attached to the SS headquarters in Silesia, although he had been expelled for embezzlement in February 1934. He had accused Kurt Wittje, a favorite of Heinrich Himmler, of homosexuality, reporting him to Werner von Blomberg and to the Reichswehr, creating tension between the military and the SS. [1]

He had joined the Nazi Party in 1925, and the SS in 1931.

Udo von Woyrsch, an SS man of the same rank, had a personal vendetta against Sembach. Sembach asked Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick for protection. Himmler ordered him sent to Berlin for trial. Nevertheless, von Woyrsch had him killed during the Night of the Long Knives.


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