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A list of key readings about David Armstrong.
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  • Stephen Mumford (ed.) David Armstrong: Philosophy Now, 2007, McGill-Queen's University Press
  • Ontology, causality and mind: essays in honor of D.M. Armstrong
  • Tim de Mey, Markku Keinänen (eds.) Problems from Armstrong details
  • Peter R. Anstey, The philosophy of D.M. Armstrong


  • Belief, truth and knowledge
  • A materialist theory of mind
  • Berkeley's theory of vision
  • Dispositions
  • A world of states of affairs
  • The nature of mind
  • Universals and scientific realism
  • Perception and the physical world
  • Universals: an Opinionated Introduction
  • What is a law of nature?
  • The mind-body problem: an opinionated introduction
  • Bodily sensations
  • Locke and Berkeley
  • Truth and Truthmakers
  • Consciousness and causality : a debate on the nature of mind (with Norman Malcolm)
  • A combinatorial theory of probability