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Daniel Pick

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Daniel A. Pick is an colonel in the United States Army, an advisor to GEN Stanley McChrystal, senior officer in the Afghanistan War (2001-). He was deputy coordinator of the Strategic Assessment Group.

He was an intelligence officer in 3/66 Armor Battalion in the Gulf War, and group intelligence officer for the 1st Special Forces Group. As a Foreign Area Officer (FAO), he was Kuwaiti Land Forces Advisor; Team Leader, Human Intelligence Team, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Northern Iraq; Army Attaché, U.S. Mission to Jordan; Iraq Policy Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense; and FAO Program Director, Defense Language Institute.

His master's thesis from Princeton was on the Shi'a theory of governance, wilayat al-faqih used by Ruhollah Khomeini. [1]


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization from the University of Washington, a *Master of Military Studies from Marine Corps University
  • Master of Arts degree in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University
  • Languages: Arabic, Persian-Farsi, Persian-Dari, and Assyrian.


  1. Daniel D. Pick, The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Importance of Khomeini's "Mandate of the Jurist", Princeton University