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A list of some works of Claude Shannon.

Papers are shown in order of appearance:

  1. A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits, Thesis (M.S.), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, 1937 (graduation finalized in 1940).
  2. A Mathematical Theory of Cryptography, Memorandum MM 45-110-02, 1 Sept. 1945, Bell Laboratories. Classified at the time of its publication; now available through the British Library.
  3. A Mathematical Theory of Communication, Bell System Technical Journal, published in two parts: July, vol. 27, pp. 379-423, and Oct., vol. 28, pp. 623-656, 1948.
    1. This paper introduced what was later called the Shannon sampling theorem, which described the required frequency needed to sample an analog signal before digitizing it, so that the receiver could perfectly reconstruct the analog signal at the other end of a transmission channel.
    2. This paper had important implications about the maximum amount of information that could be shoved into a given amount of spectrum before being overwhelmed by noise, a fundamental limit that became known as Shannon's Law.
  4. Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems, Bell System Technical Journal, vol. 28, pp. 656-715, 1949.
  5. Communication In The Presence Of Noise, Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), vol. 37, pp. 10–21, Jan. 1949.
    1. This paper extends and elaborates on A Mathematical Theory of Communication
    2. Reprinted in Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 72, Issue 9, pp, 1192-1201, Sept. 1984.
    3. Reprinted in Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 86, Issue 2, pp. 447-457, Feb. 1998.
  6. Probability of error for optimal codes in a Gaussian channel, Bell Systems Technical Journal, vol. 38, pp. 611–656, 1959.