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  • Advent Wreath [r]: A circle of interwoven, sometimes highly decorated evergreens with candles, used during the season of Advent in preparation for Christmas. The candles are lit on the four successive Sundays preceding Christmas Day, with a final, central candle being lit on Christmas Eve. The Advent Wreath began in Germany as a private observance in people's homes, but is now widely used in churches as well. [e]
  • Advent [r]: The first season of the Christian year that lasts for four weeks and is marked by preparations for the celebration of Christmas. [e]
  • Amish [r]: A Christian people centered mainly in the United States and noted for their rejection of much of modern culture and technology. [e]
  • Boston, Lincolnshire [r]: Port in Lincolnshire on the East coast of England. [e]
  • Boxing Day [r]: An annual Christmastide holiday occurring on the 26th December in the United Kingdom and the countries of the Commonwealth. [e]
  • Calcidius [r]: (4th century) Little known Christian who translated the first part (to 53c) of Plato's Timaeus from Greek into Latin around the year 321 and provided with it an extensive commentary. [e]
  • Christening [r]: Observances surrounding the welcoming of children into the Christian faith. [e]
  • Christmas Eve [r]: The 24th of December, the day before Christmas Day. [e]
  • Christmas carol [r]: A song or hymn associated with Christmas. [e]
  • Christmas [r]: Winter holiday beginning on 25th December; originated as a pagan festival but was adopted by early Christians to observe the birth of Jesus, and today is a major international event regardless of religious background. [e]
  • Death [r]: State of thermodynamic equilibrium achieved after the end of life. [e]
  • Emerging church movement [r]: Christian, mostly Protestant, movement that seeks to cater to postmodern, Generation X and post-Christian congregants. [e]
  • History of education in the United States [r]: The origin, development, nature, and functions of learning and learning institutions in the United States, including during colonial times. [e]
  • Lessons and carols [r]: A Christian church service taking place during Advent. It includes reading from the bible, sometimes with explanation, (the "lessons") and Christmas Carol (the "carols"). [e]
  • Martin Luther [r]: German theologian and monk (1483-1546); led the Reformation; believed that salvation is granted on the basis of faith rather than deeds. [e]
  • Montreal [r]: The second most populous city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec [e]
  • New England Primer [r]: Textbook, first published 1690, which formed the backbone of education instruction in colonial America for over a century. [e]
  • New Year's Eve [r]: December 31st, the final day of the Gregorian calendar. It is often marked by public or private celebration. [e]
  • Palm Sunday [r]: The moveable feast which takes place the week before Easter [e]
  • Scarborough Castle [r]: Ruined stone castle on the east coast of Yorkshire, England, begun in mid-twelfth century. [e]
  • State [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See State (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • Vasco da Gama [r]: Portuguese explorer who established a sea route from Europe to India. [e]
  • York [r]: City in North Yorkshire, England, at the meeting point of the rivers Ouse and Foss. [e]