Charles Beckwith

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Colonel Charles Beckwith is a former United States Army Officer with experience in United States Army Special Forces. Colonel Beckwith is best known for starting 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment (SFOD) Delta; better known, by the general public, as Delta Force.

Vietnam War

He commanded Detachment B-52 of MACV-SOG. This unit was involved in the preliminary fighting at Plei Me, before the larger Battle of the Ia Drang; he later said that while then-lieutenant colonel Hal Moore told him to find the enemy so Moore could kill them, Moore never visited any of Beckwith's hospitalized troops.


For more information, see: Delta Force.

Colonel Beckwith became aware of the need for a force like Delta after spending a year with British Special Air Service (SAS) and studying how they train, and operate.

Iranian rescue

For more information, see: Operation EAGLE CLAW.