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This page records our ideas about how to organize the activity involved with establishing a relationship between CZ and an external organization. In order to gain some experience with such an endeavor, this project will seek out a relationship with an internet body, the identity of which is as yet undetermined.


This section records our ideas unfiltered.

Things to do

  1. Write a proposal for establishment of a new internet sub-group.
  2. Write a description of the sub-group's focus area.
  3. Write a definition of how a collaboration between CZ and external internet organization would work.
  4. Present description of collaboration to Editorial Council (Editor-in-Chief/Executive Committee?) for approval.
  5. After approval, contact candidate external organization proposing collaboration. Start with IETF/IRTF. If this doesn't work out, other possibilities are NANOG, ISOC, AfriNOG, LACNIC,...
  6. Work with external organization to get process going.


This section evaluates the ideas in the previous section and structures them.


This section provides a plan to implement the ideas presented and analyzed in the previous two sections.