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This page is a portal into the problem and solution of providing Citations, References and Bibliographies on Citizendium. There are 3 sub-pages. The Problem Statement sub-page organizes, defines and prioritizes the problem components. The Solution sub-page presents ways of solving the problems specified on the Problem Statement sub-page and indicates which of these approaches have been chosen for trial. The Trial sub-page records information about solutions that are undergoing or that have undergone testing The talk page of this portal page is reserved for comments on general aspects of this wishlist item. Comments on specific aspects of the Problem Statement, Solution and Trial sub-activities should be recorded on the talk pages of the corresponding sub-page.

For the purposes of discussion here, the terms Citation, Reference and Bibliography are defined as follows.

  • Citation - the information used to specify an outside source of information. It usually includes an author or authors, a title, publishing information, etc.
  • Reference - a brief annotation that refers to a citation. For numbered bibliographies (see next term) this is usually a number delimited by "[" and "]" characters. Sometimes a reference comprises text delimited by those characters and sometimes a reference is placed in a superscript position. References always appear in article text and never within citations. The reference text usually appears at the front of citations accreted into bibliographies.
  • Bibliography - a collection of Citations. These are generally organized numerically or alphabetically. Normally, a citation in a bibliography is preceded by the text of the reference with which it is associated.


Dan Nessett, Daniel Mietchen