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Illustration wanted

Currently — at least for a test period — there are two methods to indicate pages for which help finding or creating illustrations (pictures, figures, graphics, ...) is needed.

Do not forget to remove your request once the illustration is found!

You can add a page to this category by putting the template {{IllW}} on the talk page (best on top of it, below the subpages template). It opens a section

Illustration wanted (cat/talk)

that contains links to this category and its talk page. In this section you can explain what kind of illustration you are looking for.

Citizens who have volunteered to create illustrations for articles in progress

Johan A. Förberg
Howard C. Berkowitz
Milton Beychok

Article/tutorial help needed

At least one of the volunteers (Howard) is proficient with PowerPoint graphics, as well as manual drawing and drafting. He could be much more effective, however, if there were some tutorial articles on freeware graphic software with which he has a slow start, including:

  • Gimp
  • Dia
  • Open Office Draw
  • Chemical structure package TBD -- I have to find the email in which David Volk told me what he uses.