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CZ:Unchecklisted Articles

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[edit intro]

The good news is that, as of end of January 2008, we had checklisted all our existing articles, and there was no more backlog. Still, new articles arrive all the time, and some of them need to be checklisted too. So please keep watching this page!

Below is an auto-generated list of articles that have not been provided a "metadata page", sorted by the creation date (oldest go first). The list is updated on weekly basis. If you actively use it, please delete or strike out the entries that you've just checklisted. Below the list you will find a weekly log of our operations.

Note: Some of articles below may be already partially or fully checklisted on their metadata pages. However, they are not seen as "checklisted" in the system due to e.g. the status not being defined, or a lack the {{subpages}} template on the talk page. Just check it.

Thanks for your help!

How to add checklists:

If you know how to start an article with a subpages template, you can help out here. The basic task is to add the checklist to the pages list below. Go to instruction page for basic instructions for filling out the metadata checklist, which theoretically requires doing basic cleanup.

Short description of links attached to articles:

  • (edit) - edit the article; may be useful to add the {subpages} template and to remove the categories from the main article (they go to the metadata page). When the article is not yet subpagified, or there are categories to remove, the link is bolded
  • (talk) - edit the talk page; mainly for inserting the {subpages} template;
  • (hist) - revision history;
  • (WP) - wikipedia article under the same title;
  • (metadata) - create the metadata subpage or edit it if already exists; there you put the info about the article (status, categories, etc..) Important: Please do not forget to insert the page name in the right place, or the subpage system will not work properly!
  • (approval) - create the approval subpage
  • Finally, there are listed the categories found in the body of the article. Sometimes this is an empty field but if not, it is useful to attribute the article to a workgroup. Notice that categories as "Stub Articles" or "CZ Live" should be simply deleted from the main article -- they will be generated anyway by the {{subpages}} template when metadata page is created, and the status is correctly set.

Hint: if the "(edit)" link is not bolded in the list (i.e. the article already has a {subpages} template), probably only the status is missing. So, please go to the metadata subpage first. If the status is defined there, probably there is no {subpages} template on the talk page.

Unchecklisted articles as of June 28, 2008

Progress of work

Here is what we have done so far in terms of the number of unchecklisted articles at the weekly update event (bear in mind that every day new articles arrive).

Date Number of entries
May 15, 2007 634
May 21, 2007 534
May 31, 2007 531
June 6, 2007 427
June 12, 2007 359
June 19, 2007 333
June 27, 2007 333
July 09, 2007 310
July 16, 2007 321
July 24, 2007 346
July 30, 2007 343
August 5, 2007 227
August 12, 2007 209
August 28, 2007 254
September 15, 2007 280
October 9, 2007 294
October 16, 2007 305
October 24, 2007 356
November 1, 2007 380
November 10, 2007 526
November 19, 2007 685
December 1, 2007 586
December 8, 2007 528
December 18, 2007 636
January 2, 2008 317
January 7, 2008 115
January 14, 2008 146
January 23, 2008 67 (no backlog, just new arrivals)
January 23, 2008 38
February 7, 2008 51
February 14, 2008 46
February 23, 2008 78
March 3, 2008 61
April 2, 2008 163
April 12, 2008 166
April 19, 2008 166
April 27, 2008 68
May 6, 2008 104
May 13, 2008 52
May 18, 2008 79
May 26, 2008 45
June 7, 2008 83
June 14, 2008 81
June 22, 2008 86
June 28, 2008 87

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