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This page is used to keep a record of templates used in Citizendium. (Note: Documentation subpages, kept at "Template:{Name}/doc", are not listed.) Templates which are 'transcluded' (called, roughly) by other templates are shown as descended from the one which calls them. Redirects from alternative names are similarly noted.
Templates whose names are struck through like this should not be used.

Creating a New Template

To start a new template (other than an infobox), enter its name in the box below, after Template:, and then click the Create Template button.

To create a new infobox template, enter its name in the box below, after Template:Infobox_, and then click the Create Infobox Template button.
Infobox names should be in Title Case, where each word starts with a capital letter.

Then follow the instructions on the edit page.
After you have created your template, click the Create Documentation link on the new template page, and follow the instructions to document your new template.
Then, please add your template to this page, in the relevant section.

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The following three are test categories. For context, see [this forum thread].


Subpages Templates

Transcluded from CZ:Templates/Subpages_Templates (edit).

See Subpages/doc for full documentation of these templates.

Media Templates

Transcluded from CZ:Templates/Media_Templates (edit).


Informational media templates



Image Galleries


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