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Thank you for once again nominating me to run for office. I am much in agreement with Pat Palmer concerning volunteer organizations and how some organizations go through phases of where some volunteers claim "ownership" thereby driving off new comers. I hope to work with Pat, and like minded Management Council volunteers, to make sure issues like this are addressed. Citizendium needs to encourage new volunteers to join and contribute. Making Citizendium a warm welcoming place to write will go far when it comes to retaining contributors. WE must work to get new contributors if the project is to grow. We must also address the issue of banning members. I do believe bans, unless there is an extremely offensive or repugnant action, should be limited. Of course repeat offenders will eventually be permanently banned from Citizendium if remediation efforts are not successful. Citizenium could go to a system where the user is banned three times and then permanently removed from membership.` Of course appropriate warnings should be used before a ban is instituted. The Management Council must support the Constables as they are the ones who keep order and removing their ability to do so will affect how the wiki operates. We also need to find permanent project funding and I will work with fellow Management Council members to find funding.

Key Points

  • Work to make Citizedium a welcoming wiki by ensuring the "ownership" problem is abated.
  • Work to develop a warning and banning system that retains volunteers.
  • Work to find permanent project funding.
  • Encourage an ambassador program to welcome and encourage new Citizens.

Thank you for nominating me as I am a relative new comer. I promise to work hard, learn lots, and hopefully with your help make Citizendium a better place. Mary Ash 19:26, 28 May 2011 (UTC)