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Certain markup tags, as explained below, can be used to transclude selected sections of content (text, images, etc.) in the main page of any Citizendium article so that the selected text may be displayed in places other than the article's main page. If correctly used, the markup tags do not affect the content and display of the article's main page.

The transclusion markup tags and how they are used

The transclusion markup tags are:  <onlyinclude> </onlyinclude>,  <noinclude> </noinclude>  and  <includeonly> </includeonly>.

  • By placing <onlyinclude> </onlyinclude> around a section of text in the edit page of any article, you are segregating or placing a sort of invisible box around that section of text. That box does not affect the display of the main article page in any way at all. Then templates can be developed that will also display the content of that segregated box somewhere else or in multiple somewhere elses.
  • By placing <noinclude> </noinclude> around some portion of the segregated text, you are excluding that portion of text from being displayed elsewhere by the template. This also does not affect the display of the main article page in any way at all.
  • By placing <includeonly> </includeonly> around some new text you introduced into the segregated text, you are entering new text that will be included in the text that is displayed elsewhere by the template but will not be displayed in the main article display. In other words, that also does not affect the display of the main article page in any way at all.

The overall net result is that the main article display is not affected in any way at all. However, the edit page of the article's main page is sprinkled with all those transclusion tags that are probably strange to the majority of the CZ authors and editors.

Avoiding problems with transclusion tags

It is very important NOT to delete or re-arrange any transclusion tags found on an article's edit page until you have ascertained who placed them there and why they were placed there. If any of the transclusion tags are accidently deleted or incorrectly re-arranged, the article's main page may be affected badly (i.e., messed up) as a result.

More detailed information

A detailed description of the technicalities of Transclusion under MediaWiki is given here.