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This page is archived.

This page is for all efforts that relate to presentation of the Citizendium wiki, as opposed to the academic content. These efforts are essential to ultimately opening this wiki to the general public.

  • Alter all templates and categories to change Wikipedia references to Citizendium.
  • Determine which infoboxes or templates render improperly or leave stray tags, and fix them.
  • File bugs as approriate.
  • Flesh out the Citizendium Pilot namespace, and eventually the Citizendium namespace.
  • Locate non-family-friendly articles and either hide or remove them.

Changing Wikipedia References

Because Citizendium started life as a direct copy of most of the sections of Wikipedia, there are a lot of references to Wikipedia that don't belong. For instance, anything that says that refers to Wikipedia rules and guidelines should point to the relevant Citizendium guidelines. Make sure to check:

  • Templates
  • Category names
Note: articles should be cleaned up should be done only after significant changes have been made to them. Please do not make articles "live" just to clean them up in the ways described on this page. This will prevent the articles from being refreshed.

Broken Boxes and Templates

Some infoboxes and templates are generating stray opening and/or closing tags. Also, some infoboxes just aren't working at all. Special:Random is one way to check pages at random for these sorts of problems. Please check the relevant Wikipedia page to see if it's a problem localized to our wiki. If it is, note the page, and list it in CZ:Housekeeping/Broken pages. Be aware that images are not imported, so don't report any layout problems due to the images not showing up.

Interwiki Links

Citizendium has no Interwiki, so any imported Interwiki links will be broken. I'm busy making a bot to find all Interwiki links and destroy them. --Peter Hitchmough 02:08, 31 October 2006 (CST)


New articles will need to be patrolled to clear the warning "!" in watchlists etc. Help appreciated. --Peter Hitchmough

Bug Reporting

Our wonderful technical staff is working hard to get this thing off the ground. Since they are only 3 people, they need us to look for bugs. If you notice something not working, please report it at the development site. To do this, you need to create an account and file a bug report.

Once you have a GForge account, go to the tracker page, and click on the relevant tracker (generally bugs). Check to make sure your issue hasn't already been reported by someone. If it hasn't, then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Add new Tracker item".

Once you've done that, you should get a lot of blank fields, and a text box. Fill out the fields as best you can, but the major help is going to be the summary and the text field ("Details") where you describe it. Try to be as detailed as possible about what you were doing when the error or bug appeared, and the exact nature of the bug. Also try to fill out the priority field as best you can. That requires some guesssing sometimes, but generally, something that looks bad ranks as less of a priority, and something that affects the wiki's function ranks somewhat higher. Then click the button down towards the bottom ("add").

To comment on a bug, click on it in the tracker. Read everything, including the comments of others. Then scroll down to the textbox, type your comment, submit it, and be on your way.

For more information, check out How To Report Bugs Effectively

Flesh out namespaces

For obvious reasons, a lot of the Wikipedia namespace was not copied over to this wiki. A lot of that stuff is policy related and we'll have to wait on decisions for, but some of those pages are ones we can write, like help pages.