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Happy New Year 2008 to everyone!

Here's a little wiki New Year's celebration!

From Larry Sanger:

  • Thanks for an excellent 2007, fellow Citizens, and here's to a fantastic 2008!
  • My CZ resolution: to focus as much as I can on our top priorities; to spend my time as efficiently as possible. This will take some work, but I think I can do it!
  • My CZ predictions for 2008: we will continue to accelerate, so that our growth rate at the end of 2008 is triple what it was in the last three months of 2007; we will grow our number of approved articles and active editors by at least one order of magnitude; we will gain an Honorary Board (or Advisory Board, and adopt a Citizendium Charter; we will apply for independent 501(c)(3) status; our governance apparatus will take much responsibility from my shoulders; I will raise over $100,000 for the project, possibly much more; we may launch in some other languages, and if we don't, we'll certainly have taken significant steps toward such launches.

From Supten Sarbadhikari

  • Wish all the Citizens a very happy and prosperous New year 2008!
  • My CZ Resolution: to get the Editorial Council going in full swing and to spend some more time in editing.
  • I fully support and believe in Larry's CZ predictions for 2008.

From David Shapinsky

  • Happy New Year to all. May 2008 bring us closer to all our goals.
  • My CZ Resolution: to set aside time on a more regular basis to edit and write.
  • Ditto to Supten's endorsement of Larry's predictions. Thank you Larry for your constant enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and energy.

From User: Pat Palmer

  • Best wished to all during the coming year.
  • My resolution: Keep on believing despite the many impatient voices who want everything to move more quickly because Wikipedia is bigger right now.

From Aleta

  • A big thank you for giving me so much fun in 2007. Happiness, prosperity and health to all!
  • Ditto Pat: What's the rush?
  • My CZ resolution: Find and maintain a healthy balance between caution and open-mindedness.

From Denis

  • Thanks to everyone in the project, but particularly Richard who I have learnt an awful lot from.
  • A big year of development, with continued expansion and a reknewed focus on our Core Article.
  • A special thanks to Larry, whose enthusiasm and optimism is invaluable to the project.

From Robert

  • Happy New Year!
  • Resolutions:
  1. Continue to bug the CZ-Tools list about improvements I think should be made
  2. Continue to knock out and create more "To Do's"
  3. Move to Europe, Change the world.
  • Happy Easter!

From Bram De Clerck

  • Happy New Year to all and to a bright future for this project! cheers

From Ro

  • Health & happiness to all
  • Agree with Pat & Aleta above
  • Keep clicking Random page & Recent changes

From Eric M Gearhart

  • Thanks to everyone who wrote on my talk page welcoming me home!
  • Resolutions:
  1. Continue to work on the Citizendium with what little time I have
  2. GET USED TO BEING HOME after being deployed to Iraq for 15 friggin' months :-)
  3. Help out with server admin tasks wherever necessary
  4. Keep plugging along as a member of the "new knowledge society"

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