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If you want to create a page about a building / structure such as a tower or a bridge or a road, please use the following template and try to fill in as much information as you can. And please leave the fields empty that you can not fill instead of deleting them. Additionaly provide some photography and sketches if available as well as background information about the construction process and the usage of the building in it's history.

  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Closest city:
  • Geographical position: WGS84 coordinates
  • Status: complete, in construction
  • Usage: e.g. office, traffic, sight
  • Construction time: start and end year of the construction process
  • Architect:
  • Structural Engineer:
  • Style: historycal style

Technical data:

  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Floors:
  • Construction material:
  • Mass: