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I have a PhD in Applied Physics (Caltech 1975). I have had a long, successful career in circuit design, but recently my interest has shifted to Computer Science. I see a tremendous need for more and better education in CS. Learning is what motivates me, and teaching is a great opportunity to learn. My articles for Citizendium have been motivated by frustration at the lack of good material on particular topics. When I feel that frustration, I dig in, learn all I can, then write what I hope will be a significant step forward in clarity on the topic. I doubt I will ever have the expertise in CS that I did in circuits, but if students find my writings valuable, that is sufficient for me to continue.

I believe Citizendium has a unique and superior method of collecting quality articles, and I want to do what I can to help it succeed. My time is limited, however, by my top priority, helping my wife build a successful Veterinary business. I feel good about the oppounity to give back, after all the years she has supported me in my career. It may be some time before I get back to writing. Meanwhile, if I can help as an editor, offering comments and suggestions for other authors, then I will accept this nomination.